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    Bellicon Rebounder

    Juice Master’s Exclusive Jump & Juice Bellicon® GO

    112” Frame Diameter - Padded Comfort Mat - Orange Bungees!

    All Juice Master fans, will know that one of Jason’s favourite ways to exercise is to jump on a rebounder. He used rebounding to help transform his own health 25 years ago and loves it so much he’s teamed up with us at Bellicon® and added the exclusive and very cool Jump & Juice Bellicon® GO to his health arsenal!

    The Jump & Juice Bellicon® GO is a three-part frame, high quality, one size and one bungee strength (extra strong) model with screw-on legs. It’s really easy to assemble & store, and thanks to detailed instructions, your Bellicon® GO will be ready to use quickly and easily. It’s time to jump & juice!


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